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RE Develop

We Facilitate the Conception, Design, Engineering, Approval, Procurement, Construction, and Delivery of Decent and Luxury Residential, Commercial, Green, Cooperative, Agri-RE Farmers', and Industrial Estates, and Social Facilities Across the Nation and Africa. If You Care to Join Us, We Warmly Welcome You!

We Build

We Provide Read Estate Development for Eagle’s Height’s Estates;  Affordable Housing; Luxury Estates; Cooperative Communities; Commercial RE Development; Industrial Hubs; and Agricultural Communities.

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RE Invest

We Are Proficient in the Facilitation and Intermediation of Real Estate Financing and Investments for all Types of Real Estate and Construction Projects. We Work with Time-Trusted and Industry-Renowned National and Global Powerhouses to Bring a Project to Realization.

We Facilitate

Eagle’s Height works with partners globally to facilitate and provide Real Estate Investment; RE Project Financial Intermediation; Mortgage Intermediation; Property Valuation Services; RE Investment Appraisal; and Global RE Marketing Services, comprehensively.

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RE Services

At Eagle's Height Properties & Investment Limited, We Provide Comprehensive and Wholesome Suites of Real Estate Services for that Ensure that Our Esteemed Clients Attain Their Aims of Increasing and Sustaining Their Wealth Holding, and Peace of Mind. If You Care to Know More, Welcome!

Let's Serve You

Eagle’s Height avails its esteemed clients with specialist and diverse Real Estate Services, including, Facilities Management; RE Projects management; Property Management – (ears, eyes & hands) Caretaker Services for landlords; RE Estates Concept Development Services; RE Consultancy Services; and RE Agency Services.

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RE Affiliate

The Eagle's Height's Real Estate Affiliate Platform was Designed to Empower, and Enable Sustainable Wealth Creation by Dynamic, Enterprising, and Dedicated Individuals, Globally. The Time-honored Wealth Vehicle of Real Estate Will Continue to Provide a Solid Base for Wealth Creation. Join Us!

Wealth Platform

The Eagle’s Height Real Estate Affiliate Platform is a Veritable Channel for Anyone, Be They a Professional, Entrepreneur, or an Unemployed, To Make and Take a Sustainable Stake in the Prosperity-availing World of Real Estate. Eagle’s Real Estate Affiliate Platform was Formed to Assist the Swift, Yet Sustainable Accumulation of Wealth by Every Manner or Class of People. Come, Join Us!

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Eagle’s Height was founded on the pedestal to support the rapid improvement of the quality and quantity of the stock of real estate assets, particularly Affordable and Mass Housing, and infrastructure in Nigeria.

We work closely with our stakeholders, partners, customers, and clients to conceive, design, plan, engineer, procure, build, and deliver customized real estate solutions that effectively meet their real estate development needs and transaction requirements.

In addition, we dedicate ample expertise and systemic structure to crafting, promoting, and delivering high quality real estate services, including Mortgage Intermediation, RE Investment, Property Management, Agency Services, Property Valuation, Investment Appraisal, RE Project Management, Global Property Marketing, and sundry expertise to support the wealth creation, diversification, sustainability, and the ensuring that properties outlived their design integrity and lifespan.

We dedicate high quality personnel, international partnerships, assets and resources to meet all deadlines and deliver the highest quality work possible.

At Eagle’s Height, we provide responsiveness, flexibility, and creativity, coupled with integrity, competence, and capacity, while constantly seeking efficient and innovative ways to exceed our promised expectations to our esteemed stakeholders.

Our Company is a wholesome real estate company. Our system is laid on a solid and flexible Corporate Structure. Our Company is governed by a group of highly respected Board of Directors, comprised of consultant, professionals, business gurus, entrepreneur, and corporate leaders with diverse experiences capable of realizing innovative, cost-effective, functional and aesthetic real estate assets, structures and services in Nigeria.



Eagle’s Height’s primary aim is to support the national goal of reducing the national deficit of decent housing, and increase the stock of decent abode for our peole.

This national goal motivated us to design and launch our “Everyone a landlord” campaign in 2019. The success of this campaign is already manifesting in real terms.

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Eagle’s Height’s RE Development Framework

Our Real Estate Development Goal

All said, financed, designed, built, marketed, and done, OUR PRIMARY GOAL IS TO MAKE YOU A LANDLORD with the attendant peace of mind, comfort, and pride!

Our Property Development Strategic Framework

Our Property Development Strategic Framework incorporates the following key principles:

• Our development plans are driven from a serene, functional, and modern design basis, including efficiency of infrastructure, and an emphasis on building sustainable communities.

• Our estate developments promote the principle of walkable catchment, providing the opportunity for neighborhood centers where children and families can live in harmony.

• Our estates are located in areas with prime access to national and state arterial road, proposed rail and airport infrastructure, affording our landlords and residents easy access to their destinations.

• We take due consideration for family life in the design of our estates, creating ample spaces for recreation, walkways, bikeways, and so on;

• Our designs take utility (electricity, security, ICTs, water, and waste) management into serious considerations;

• We ensure the maintenance and improvement of existing flora to provide fruits, shade and landscape relief for our esteemed landlords and residents.

• Above all, our estates and developments are and will continue to be designed with compliance with applicable laws, regulatory codes, and industry best/next practices in mind.

Our Real Estate Development Segments

Our Real Estate Development Segments are as follows:

• Residential Development/Affordable Housing
• Commercial & Hospitality Development
• Industrial & Technological Development
• Social Development (Schools, Hospitals etc.).

In Pictures…

The Slide below shows the CEO Eagle’s Height presiding over plots allocation
ceremony where some of our esteemed customers received their
Allocation Letters and Plots Possession at the site of Eagle’s Ville Estate, Lagos.

In Pictures - the Presentation of Letters of Allocation for Eagles Ville, Lagos to our new Landlords and Landladies, presided over by the CEO Eagle's Height properties & Investment Limited.
In Pictures - the CEO, Eagle's Height burying the 1st Beacon on site at the Presentation of Letters of Allocation for Eagles Ville, Lagos to our new Landlords and Landladies.
Mr. Augustine Oscar
In Pictures - the CEO, Eagle's Height presenting the happy Mr. Mr. Augustine Oscar with his Letter of Allocation to his plot at Eagles Ville, Lagos.
In Pictures - the CEO, Eagle's Height presenting the Letter of Allocation to Mr. Stanley Ejime for his plot at Eagles Ville, Lagos.
In Pictures - the CEO, Eagle's Height presenting the Letter of Allocation to the representative of Mr. & Mrs. Collins Otuomagie for their plot at Eagles Ville, Lagos.
Rep of Mr. Victor Ifejika Enebeli In Pictures - the CEO, Eagle's Height presenting the Letter of Allocation to the representative of Mr. Victor Ifejika Enebeli for his plot at Eagles Ville, Lagos.
Rep of Chief Steve Tolefe
In Pictures - the CEO, Eagle's Height presenting the Letter of Allocation to the representative of Chief Steve Tolefe for his plots at Eagles Ville, Lagos.

Eagle’s Height’s Estates Under Development

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Get Your Plot, Now!
Get Your Plot, Now!
Get Your Plot, Now!
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Our People

integrity; competence; capacity –

Governance; Management; Operations; Realtors

Eagle’s Height has a full-fledge governance system, structure, and process that delineate and oversee critical functions of all layers of our Company, ensuring transparency, diligence, and responsible reporting of stewardship to our key corporate, partnership, and regulatory stakeholders.

Our Board of Directors comprised men and women who are accomplished in their respective disciplines, and businesses. They come with over a century of combined experiences in the specialist areas of Consulting, Joint Venture & PPP advisory, Real Estate, Construction, Finance, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Corporate & Commercial Legal Practices, among others.

Mabel Magbulu
Mabel MagbuluMD & CEO
Babatunde Odutola
Babatunde OdutolaChairman, Board of Directors
Success M. Enwere
Success M. EnwereExecutive Director
Gregory I. Ikoko
Gregory I. IkokoDirector
Elem, Chima Young
Elem, Chima YoungDirector
Monina Igho Anthony
Monina Igho Anthony Director

Eagle’s Height’s management and staff are core professionals with specialist experiences in the planning, administration, finance, management, real estate, customer relationships, marketing, sales, and delivery the functions of corporate entity, be it in the real estate, or other economic sector.

Pedro Magbulu
Pedro MagbuluProject Management & Supervision
Edna Albert
Edna AlbertED, Real Estate Operation
Mabel Magbulu
Mabel MagbuluManaging Director/CEO
Success M. Enwere
Success M. EnwereED, Corporate Services
Ezeajuna C. Charles
Ezeajuna C. CharlesReal Estate Services & Asaba Branch Manager
Oluwaseun Famodimu
Oluwaseun FamodimuSecretary/Human Capital Admin

With Eagle’s Height’s own RE Cooperative, three partner-Cooperatives, over one hundred marketing & sales affiliates, two partner-Mortgage Banks, all led by our core Realtors as presented below. We can sell any real estate, be it Investment, Property, Project, or Asset.

Chukwuemeka Nzeribe
Chukwuemeka NzeribeSenior Realtor
Ann Elem
Ann ElemSenior Realtor & Gen. Sec. Eagle's Height Cooperative
Azubuike Egbenum
Azubuike EgbenumBusiness Development/Realtor
Chiedoziem N. Ihieri
Chiedoziem N. IhieriSenior Realtor

Eagle’s Height works with strategic and technical partners who are accomplished Nigerian and International businesses to further its capacity to actualize its corporate, investment, and project goals.

A Word From Our Esteemed Customers

“Most of us know that buying land, any real estate, or even renting a property in Lagos is at one’s own risks. I thought same when I paid for my plots at eagles Ville. I was practically supriseed when I receive a phone call one morning that my allocation papers and plot possession were ready. Woooh! From that day onward, I completely trust the hardworking people at Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited. God bless you all! – M.S.”
M.S - A Proud Eagle's Landlord

“My company deals in real estate. We have been in the business for decades. We have seen lots of successes and losses; genuine and fraudulent deals. A solid company of repute and integrity in Eagle’s Height has become a lifelong partner of our company. We recommend them, highly so, without hesitation.” – G.S.

G.S. - A Happy Partner

Pictures presenting the CEO and ED Corporate Services at the
10th Global Mindset leadership Entrepreneurship Award 2020.

The Award Note reads: “Please be informed that you have been duly nominated for this legacy awards based on your entrepreneurial leadership and real estate in Nigeria.” – Mindset leadership Entrepreneurship Award

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Eagle’s Height’s primary aim is to support the national goal of reducing the national deficit of decent housing, and increase the stock of decent abode for our peole. This aim motivates us to design and lauch the “Everyone a landlord” campaign in 2019. The success of this campaign is already manifesting in real terms.

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