Eagle’s Real Estate Affiliate Program

What is Eagle’s Real Estate Affiliate Program?

The Eagle’s Height Real Estate Affiliate Program was designed as a performance-based Sales platform using the best and most sustainable economic asset – Real Estate. Eagle’s Height Real Estate platform avails our numerous Affiliates to partake in our Company’s wealth and prosperity by promoting our diverse products, services and the Affiliate Network, for a good piece of the cake.

How the Eagle’s Height’s Real Estate Affiliate Program Work?

Businesses and organizations need people to buy their products and or services. That’s the long and short of it. The second most vital elements of any human organization is Sales, and when you say sales, we’re speaking of how do we reach people who will become aware of, purchase, use, and be satisfied with our product or service such that they become a recurring customers or clients.

Finding the type of people described above is the main pains of Marketing, Promotion, and Sales in any organization. Experience has shown that the best marketers, salespeople, and promoters of any Company or product or service are people who have purchased and used satisfaction the product or service. These people are the precious targets for Affiliate Marketing or Multilevel Marketing companies and programs.

The Eagle’s Height’s Affiliate Platform is an MLM-formatted program. That means when you become an Eagle’s Affiliate, and recruit another person who also becomes an Affiliate, you earn from the earnings of your referrals, for as long as you and they continue to be active on the Eagle’s Platform.

Benefits Associated with Eagle’s Affiliate Platform

The benefits a person can derive by becoming an Eagle’s Affiliate are numerous.

The first segment of these benefits has to do with monetary. One makes more money, which could become continuing and passive should one refer lots of other people to becoming affiliates under the person’s Eagle’s Affiliate Network. Therefore, you earn good commission which is paid as swift as the payment from the customer has been confirm and the product delivered and accepted.

Also, you earn a portion of the commission earned by you 1) direct referrals, and 2) the referrals of your direct referrals. This is three level deep, forced matrix MLM system. And as far as any of the referrals within your network is active, make a sale, you make money.

The second segment of these benefits has to do with belonging to a Global Network of Wealth Creators, a network administered by Eagle’s Affiliate Network board. This network is designed to assist in the agglomeration of the powers of the many for the benefits of the many. More of this in subsequent blogs.

Eagle’s Affiliates are also encouraged to join the Eagle’s Real Estate Cooperative. Why? Well, do you desire to have your own home someday? Do you desire to turn your Real Estate knowledge and asset into real wealth creating machine? Of course! What is the use of knowledge and or asset that lie dormant, useless to the owner? With the Eagle’s Real Estate Cooperative, you become availed with the several opportunities to 1) acquire land for your own home, and 2) acquire real estate assets individually or collectively in order to take advantage of the market, and make some serious money.

Eagle’s Affiliate Rules of Engagement

We encourage our affiliates to conduct full due diligence on any product or service promoted on our website before promoting them to their contacts and the general market. Be satisfied yourself that what you’re attempting to sell to your family, friends, associates, and others is what it says it is and nothing else. Your integrity is all at risk should a bad product or service be sold to them.

We encourage our Affiliates to carefully read and adhere to the policies of our real estate affiliate program. Understanding is at the root of all success. When you know your own responsibility, obligations, risks, liabilities, benefits and recourses, your life runs with ease, and your economic activities are successful.

While we encourage all our affiliate to be aggressive in the marketing and promotion of our products and services, we never encourage or condone the SPAMMING of anyone, especially prospects. Incessant messages, posts, phone calls, emails, and so on can make one lose a big customer or client. You have to do all your promotion with professionalism. Ask yourself “is this promotion or post too much?” when reposting a promotional link for the third time to one person or a group. There are several strategies to employ to send one thousand messages about one single product or service to one person or a group. The Eagle’s Affiliate Platform has training, mentorship and other capacity development programs to assist you become the best affiliate you want to be.

Know this! Know that even though you promoted any product or service, Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited owns the liability of legal ownership of the product or service, responsibility of delivery to the customer or client, and will handle any complaint, requests by a customer or client for refund and return of the purchased product or service. So, the liability of an Affiliate is limited to his or her own actions with others in other regards, other than the creation, packaging, storage, fulfillment, delivery, payment collection, accounting, affiliate payment, and the handling of any and all issues that may relate to the product or the customer or client.

Eagle’s Affiliate Influencer Program

We provide the know-how and support to make our Affiliates into Influencers rather than consumers and followers, especially on the Social Media and over the Internet. We encourage regular updates of rich, valuable, fresh, and uplifting contents. These contents will be available from the Eagle’s Height website, from affiliate’s own creation, and from other sources of related contents.

Of course, you will need to be a knowledgeable expert in your field, the products, services, and network you promote, and the general economic and specific market you operate. In order to make great and rewarding use of the above knowledge and expertise, you must know everything there is about your market, segment, and particular audience.

In addition, you must know your market, segment, and particular audience need and want, what they don’t want or need. The trick, then, is to provide to the market, segment, and specific audience valuable contents and recommendations to satisfy those wants and needs you have determined them to have.

Affiliate Expertise Program

The Affiliate Expertise Program is tied to the Influencer program. We want you to not only succeed financially, but to be a great ongoing success.

Please, understand that to be successful is like being a failure! Success is a point of stop! The work is finished. You have attained your set goal. Well, that’s the same thing with failure; it is an end point. Therefore, what we want to have our affiliates become is SUCEEDING people; people whose life purpose is so huge that it is likely to be achieved in another lifetime. That! is soul of the network we are building, and inviting you to become.

Now, to show your expertise, you will need to Write! Write, post, and promote blog posts on those 1) products, 2) services, 3) the Network – Eagle’s Affiliate Platform. Afford millions you’re likely to reach to benefit from your knowledge, experience and network in the real estate sector, such that these people will depend on you to acquire any product, service, and knowledge they may need or want.

And, among the people you will engage with will come those ever-recurring customers, clients, and super-Affiliates. And, this, dear Affiliates, will be you ongoing bread and butter even when you didn’t lift a finger to work.

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