Investing in Real Estate

–The Fundamentals, According to Eagle’s Height® RE Investing Manual–

While Investing is defined as “to put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit“, we may need to see other ‘unrelated’ definitions for us to really apprehend the value of this word, and especially its action. Investing is also defined as “provide or endow someone or something with (a particular quality or attribute)“; as “to clothe or cover with a garment“; and, especially to “surround (a place) in order to besiege or blockade it“.

Howsoever we look at the four definitions above, we should, as I did, see the relationship of the diverse-seeming definitions, and more so, the value of the word and action, Investing.

I have a series of questions for you.

Have you “put money into properties… to make profit“? Have you “endowed something (a property, project, or business) with the quality of money… to make profit?” Have you “covered something (a property, project, or business) with the garment of money…to make profit?” Have you “besieged something (a property, project, or business) with the aim of taking a profit?”

Well, howsoever we examine it, someone investing is that individual who “puts”, “endows”, “cloths”, “besieges” something, (a property, project, or business) with the aim of reaping returns, otherwise called profit.

Are you such an individual? Then read on.

Oh, you are not? I see, you don’t understand investing? Well, read on!

The Eagle’s Height’s Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing.

The First Fundamental
Granted that not everyone would be at ease putting their hard-earned (or not) money into the hands of another, whether known or not. So, we deemed it essential to ensure that new or prospective investors into any Real Estate investment; ours, associates, or partners, or while we evaluate such investments, have full disclosures. The value of full disclosures and the minimization of bamboozling and emotionally uplifting and motivational words cannot be over emphasized. Disclosures of the nature of SEC are essential. By this, the green or old salt investor is never deceived or taken on an emotional roller-coaster in their decision-making process.

Number One fundamental = full and simple statements of all facts of the investment to allow for a rational decision-making by the prospective investor.

The Second Fundamental
Who IS the Investment?! No, you didn’t read wrong. And the statement is not that which a grammarian will frown at. We invest in PEOPLE! No one ever invest in an idea, project, business, anything. Whether the people have become solidified into a corporate brand, yet it is the people behind the idea etc. we wish to invest that we are investing in. Would you invest in a seven-star investment with known crooks behind the project? I doubt, except one was a crook! We would not be so mad if we lose our investment, if the promoters were people of goodwill, integrity, and high-level of competence in their business. We would beat ourselves to apathy were we deceived by conmen whose personality traits we saw while making the investment.

Number Two Fundamental= Always seek to know the people behind any investment you are interest in or that which is proposed to you. Ensure they are people of proven integrity, high-level competence, and people of goodwill – who want good for themselves and others.

The Third Fundamental
We have assumed in our last two statements of Fundamentals that you have the wherewithal – the money, the Owo, the Ego, the Kudi – to put up for the security of future higher inflow of investment returns or gains. Without the money to invest, learning the fundamental would be a strategic activity for future use – at the very optimistic best. Of course, if you don’t have money this minute, there’s no law that debar you from becoming a billionaire the next hour. But, that is when you become a real investor.

Number Three Fundamental = Always have money in hand, in Savings Account or better still “Investment Holding Account” as “Savings Accounts” are sort of soft extortion scheme by the global banking cartels and the designers of global economic system. In other words, put money in the Banks at your own loss. if the money you left off in your bank accounts are targeted at funding future investment or project; that’s a smart move. Otherwise, one is just a slave to the heinous economic and banking systems.

The Fourth Fundamental
There’s something many people have resorted to the word, Discipline, in their attempt to define the urge of people to take actions that are inimical to their survival. Yes, let’s go with Discipline. The meaning of ‘Discipline’ can be rendered in two ways with regards to its root or etymology. The first is to be a “Disciple” of a way of life that ensures you and your loved ones Survive in abundance by producing much more than you need today so that your tomorrow may be stable, thriving, prosperous. Being a Disciple, a Follower, of this tenet or precept is putting yourself and family in a good stead to flourish and prosper. The second leg of the word Discipline has to do with “Instruction”. This will call our attention to the vital necessity of learning, improving our knowledge, skill, perception, discernment, et al, so as to become better investors, and whatever else we desired to be so as to achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves.

Number Four Fundamental= Imbibe, immerse, and allow disciple to be your watch word to grow and attain your investment, and other life goals. Without disciple (not punishment or self-abnegation abuses), one would get nowhere in life, according to one’s definition of life.

The Fifth Fundamental
What is life without the collaborative interrelationships of the family, business organizations, and the human race? The point here is that there’s no Island as far as an individual human, organization, or nation is concerned. For those in the torrid arena of investing, the sourcing and use of third-party individuals or organizations to assist you make sense of the fine numbers, beautiful graphs, colorful info-graphs, and motivational words of investment proposals is key. Where the project or investment is yours, the use of experts who can help you make sense of the minute and wholeness of the project is much more vital.

Number Four Fundamental = Source, find, and use the services of consultants and experts who can help design, analyze, evaluate, discern, report, and guide your project or investing steps.