Real Estate Nugget:
Raw Land Investing with Confidence
Everything You Need To Know.

Observations from analysis on performance indicators of firms, organizations, and other small and medium enterprises in our clime and global economies since the ease of the lockdown indicates that the Pandemic is still impacting negatively on jobs, businesses, lifestyles, sales turnover, production, manufacturing, and reduction in earnings/income, and stunting growth.

Which has necessitated creative thinking on how to acquire alternative investment that will generate a “PERSISTENT CASH FLOW” regardless of the adversity of the pandemic now and in the future.

Explicit Information and ideas will be provided here serially, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

There in our usual “REAL ESTATE/BUSINESS NUGGET” is all you need to know about RAW LAND INVESTING WITH CONFIDENCE as an alternative for consistent cash flow and appreciation.

Which are, viz:


With right knowledge and information investing in land can be highly lucrative for new and experienced REAL ESTATE INVESTORS.

Successful RAW LAND investment is not determined by the imagination and zoning rules of investors, but a unique combination of due diligence, hard work and attractive profit margin.


(A) WHAT IS RAW LAND?. An untouched plot of land. Not developed or prepared for construction. devoid of grading and subdivision for construction.

Currently, Land investing has assume a top priority among Business and Real Estate investors, and poses a question “IS BUYING LAND A GOOD INVESTMENT FOR EVERYONE”?

The answer depends on what an investor seeks out of a respective deal.

Land investing might sound contrary to common sense or intuition, due to inclination to patience and long term strategies. There are other cogent reasons that might make some one to Buy a RAW LAND. Which provides and represents a basis for creative investment specifically for those with the right foresight to do so properly.

A RAW LAND can be developed and transformed into what ever the investor sees or dims fit, more importantly, investing in raw land is now similar with PERSISTENT CASH FLOW and appreciation.

Does land appreciates?

From economic standpoint of Demand and supply. The answer is affirmative because of two basic economic principles, LIMITED SUPPLY and INCREASING DEMAND.

There is a finite amount of undeveloped land available, making it an attractive commodity in a world where population is increasing exponentially. From the perspective of economics of ( (supply and demand ) Land is bound to, not only increase, but appreciate in value as demands for the few assets increases.

The puzzle now is not if a LAND appreciates, but instead how much it will appreciate.

To be Continued:

We shall delve more on WHAT IS RAW LAND. In our subsequent message which includes 1) Tips on how many years you can finance a land, and 2) What state has the Cheapest lands and plots per acre in Nigeria.

Thank you for your time.

Phillips Michael
Realtor Eagles Height Properties.