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About Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited; Real Estate Development, Investment & Services: your preeminent wholesome real estate partner.

Company Background
Eagle’s Height® Properties & Investment Limited is a leading Commercial Real Estate Property Development, Investment, Mortgage Intermediation, Professional, and Consultancy Services Company in Nigeria.

Since incorporation, Eagle’s Height has since grown into the fastest growing key player in the Real Estate industry in Nigeria.

We have become the most sought-after Real Estate Company since the launch of our “Everyone a Landlord Campaign”.

With the best-in-class corporate governance, astute management team, and bestselling teams of realtors, and associates.

Emerging Industry Leaders, and Awards-Winning Eagle’s Height® is your preeminent and wholesome Nigerian Real Estate Company.

Incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2018 with RC Number 149-0789, Eagle’s Height® offers you:

1) Estates Development, including Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Estates, and Social Developments.

2) Real Estate Services, including Agency & Professional Services, covering Property Valuation & RE Investment Appraisal, Real Estate Marketing, and Agency Services, Real Estate Consultancy, Facilities Management, and RE Project Management Services;

3) RE Projects Investment & Financing Intermediation Services, including Mortgage Intermediation and Real Estate Investment Services.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the Preeminent and Wholesome Real Estate Company and Providers of Luxurious Affordable Homes in Nigeria

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Provide Luxurious and Affordable Homes, including Productive and High ROI Real Estate, in Serene Environments for Everyone.

Core Values

We plan and implement all our corporate activities around these three vital values. You can bank on us to always deliver on these core values.

 Integrity
 Competence
 Capacity

Value Proposition

Eagle’s Height® provides you, your family, or organization with luxurious homes, productive and investment property options in a serenely functional environment at affordable cost.

Our Corporate Culture – Stakeholders Group

Our Corporate Culture identifies, invests responsibilities, acknowledges, and rewards the respective values of our stakeholders, in this order:

1) Our Employees – who are the dynamic mainstay of our success;

2) Our Realtors – who are the vital bridge that connects us to our esteemed customers;

3) Our Customers and Clients – who are the essential reasons for our being in business;

4) Our Industry Regulators – who bear the lights that guides our corporate paths; and

5) Our Shareholders – who are the Company; a family which serves and protects the vital interests of all our stakeholders.

We also offer you, as property owners and investors, the best of Real Estate and Wealth Creation and Enhancement Services, designed, and delivered by some of the best minds in the Nigerian Real Estate Industry and economic environment.

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