Eagle’s Affiliate Program

— an Eagle’s Heights’ platform for weal creation —

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Eagle’s Affiliate Program

Eagle’s Affiliates program is our arrangements where we put our business and its resources at the disposal of the affiliate. As an affiliate, all you need to do is promote our several real estate products and services.

Why would you do that?

We developed our affiliate program to create a strong platform with which to enable Nigerians of whatever class to create wealth, earn additional income, and create a profitable business.

For the efforts of promoting our products and services, an affiliate earn a commission, upon the purchase and payment by the referral.

What do you need to start this hobby, private practice, or business? Your internet-enabled phone. The more important asset you need is your own desire to achieve the financial goals you must have set for yourself at the start of the business – when you decide to become our affiliate.

So what happens when you promote through our website and your targets clicked on your link, but they don’t buy immediately, but come to the website directly later when they made the buy-decision? That could be a problem, right?

You have done all the marketing work, so we believe you should earn the returns for your efforts. Our website is optimized in such a way that whenever someone, anyone, clicks on the link with which you promote to your family, friends, associates, contacts, or advertise on Facebook etc., the IP of that link-clicker remained attached to your affiliate profile for six months. So, your have the certainty of earning your deserved returns on your efforts.

Our affiliate program is designed as a multilevel marketing program where you may recruit some other affiliates into our program. You earn certain percentage of the due gross commission earned by all your referred affiliates.

How Our Affiliate Program is Administered

Our Affiliate program is very direct without any ambiguity. We do all the back-end technical, business and administration work, such as tracking the number of people who clicked on each affiliate’s unique link through whatever channel the affiliate promote; the number of people who ended up buying any of our products and services from those who clicked on the affiliate link; the number of clicks and purchases by all affiliates referred by each affiliate.

We have automated our website back-end to ensure the calculation and assignation of due commissions, and their payments, based on the generated reports from the system.

We support each affiliate with regular training, sign-on kits, free registrations, mentor-ship, and many more support systems to ensure the success of our affiliates.

Sign-up and become an Eagle’s Affiliate Now!

Become an Eagle’s Affiliate Now!

Eagle’s Affiliate Program enables and empowers people to:

1) Create wealth;
2) Earn additional income;
3) Create and operate a profitable business;

Eagle’s Affiliate Registration

To become an affiliate, all you have to do is CLICK ON and COMPLETE THIS FORM.

Make sure you have a Sponsor. Ask your Sponsor for his or her Username. This Sponsor’s Username is one of the important information required for you to register.

Once you have sent the form, an email will be sent to you to inform you of the details of your registration.

Where you do not have a Sponsor, go ahead and register and send your completed form. Leave the Sponsor’s Username cell blank.

We warmly welcome you to the Eagle’s Affiliate Platform – your wealth creation system.

If you have any questions or difficulties completing the steps to becoming an Eagles Affiliate, please, complete the form below and the Affiliate Manager will get in touch with you.