Our Business Jurisdictions

–locations in the world where we operate — 

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The respective locations where we do business and operate.

As would  be expected of a futuristic Company and people, doing business in as numerous and diverse a location and jurisdiction should be a norm.

Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited started its operations in Lagos in 2018. As it grew out of the sheer determination of the CEO to see the Company become a Real Estate conglomerate, operations soon take a solid root in Ogun State; a state which is akin to a Siamese twin to Lagos.

Soon enough the operations of the Company extended to Delta State, Asaba to be specific where a wholesome office functions with key staff, managing the Eagle’s Garden Estate which is undergoing rapid development.

Well, the world, nay the universe, could be an oyster or maybe akara of the determine. As the world continues to get smaller, as boundaries fall to pieces, and cultures and languages interchange, money, skill, knowledge seek investment returns everywhere on the planet, so far as there is a need.

For this reason, Eagle’s Height conceptualized and activated a partnership with a Dubai-based Real Estate powerhouse to development, via joint venture and other means, the vast real estate sectors in Nigeria and United Arab Emirate.

We are just starting!

As we become more established, our intention is to become your global  preeminent and wholesome real estate partner.

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