Our Project Team

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Our Project Team comprised of members from within the Company and some of our strategic and technical partners.

As we are more interested in the conception, design, architecture, engineering, procurement, construction, and delivery of quality real estate structures, we deemed it incumbent upon us to tap every available and possible knowledge, skill, and capacity there are around us.

The Project Team is led and chaired by the Managing Director & CEO of the Company. Assisted by the ED Corporate Services, ED RE Operations, GM Project Management & Supervision, and the GM Human Capital who serves as the Project Secretary. These form the internal membership of our Project team.

Our indefatigable Surveyor in High-Rise Integrated Services, the team of Gritz Connect, and Ipile Earth Synergy form our project collaboration membership on the project committee.

Therefore, you can rest assured that our Company has all the capacity and know-how to deliver on our promises.