Our Strategic and Technical Partners

— Sabisell Realtors Group —

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Our Strategic and Technical Partners – Sabisell Realtors Group

Sabisell is a subsidiary of sabisell.com, is an association of over 5,000 professional Real Estate Consultants with proven sales result for real estate developers.

Our registered consultant base has the necessary skills and expertise to provide the services on the terms set out in any agreement with our partner companies leveraging on our Digital Market Academy where we train people on how to market online effectively.

As a real estate consulting company, we are passionate about helping investors in real estate in Nigeria and in the diaspora to make wise decisions to acquire genuine properties.

We partner with and recommend tested and trusted real estate companies in Lagos, confirmed by us after due diligence, thus ensuring our clients acquire affordable and genuine properties, and thereby providing solution to all the challenges faced by investors.

We are creating and innovating enabling platforms for customers, as well as providing the convenience required to make acquisition of lands and home possible with ease.

Sabisell is a strategic partner of Eagle’s Height Properties & Investments Limited.