Our Strategic and Technical Partners

— Tiger Properties, Dubai, UAE —

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Some portfolios of Tiger Properties

Our Strategic and Technical Partners – Tiger Properties, UAE

Tiger Properties, UAE started its activities in Real Estate in parallel with Properties Booming in UAE and now it is one of largest real estate Companies. Hundred Thousand square meters of “Built-up Area” had been accomplished which later converted to thousands of residential, commercial & retail units.

Tiger properties portfolio boasts the development of over 80 million sq. ft. of Built-up Areas, 10 million sq. ft. of land area and has delivered thousands of Office, Residential and Retail Units.

Tiger properties are carrying out the relevant activities through the following Affiliates/Branches:

• Tiger Properties (Dubai)
• Tiger Properties (Sharjah)
• Al Sabeel PVT. Real Estate Management (Sharjah)
• Sherkit Nemir Alordon Leleiskan (Jordan). 

Our activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Finance Management
• Sales & Marketing
• Property Management
• Facility Management
• Maintenance
• Security

Tiger Properties UAE is a Real Estate Strategic Partners of Eagle’s Height Properties & Investments Limited.