Our Strategic Frameworks

— Our HSE, and CSR Policies —

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Our HSE Policy

Our Human, Safety, and the Environment Policy

At Eagle’s Height, we emphasize the health, security, and safety of employees of every function on our premises and project sites. Our HSE Policy is in line with relevant legal injunctions, and industry standards. HSE for us is not just a policy on paper, but is a responsibility to Stakeholders, Clients, Employees and our mutual global environment. We ensure the following are done at all of our project sites and offices:

Project Design
In designing our projects, we ensure our plans provide corporate sustainability; risk mitigations; sound HSE; effective environmental safety through EIAs; occupational health safety, and a sound quality management.

1) We delineate and define action plan on EIA, with compliance conditions;
2) Interface Project determinants to Risks & Opportunities;
3) Accomplish Project Risk Assessment (PRA) exercise and align mitigation program;
4) Delineate HSE Implementation Plan;
5) Conduct Workshop/Training to project teams and appraise acceptable performance indicators;
6) Collate Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

HSE Project Implementation
At project implementation phase, we ensure the following:
1) Align clear management values to all our projects;
2) Conduct performance protocols as checklists to the project site;
3) Conduct HSE system Inspection/Audits/Safety audits/Competitions/Awareness programs;
4) Conduct Incident/Accident investigation & establish Corrective Action/Preventive action;
5) Review Safe Work Method through Job Safety Analysis/Job Hazard Analysis/Job Exposure Analysis;
6) Facilitate Offsite Emergency plan/Mock drills/ Fire Safety Management System;
Preside over implementation of HSE including Environmental Management;

The success of a project requires knowledge, skills, teamwork, dedication and leadership. These attributes are directly related to the people that are involved in a project.

During the course of a project, we make sure every individual’s knowledge and skills and his/her team’s skills are tested. We work to continue upgrade of the skills to keep up with changing times.

By engaging in the above steps, we create clear direction, efficiency, timely response, and quality outcomes at all our project sites.

Our CSR Policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate social responsibility, CSR, is a company’s promises to take responsibility for the effects of the company’s activities on its people, the environmental, and social wellbeing of the communities it operates in.

CSR may also be referred to as “corporate citizenship” and can involve incurring short-term costs that do not provide an immediate financial benefit to the company, but instead promote positive social and environmental change.

Our CSR policy is predicated on:

1) Doing business and operating projects in a socially responsible manner;

2) Protection the lives, health, security and safety of our people;

3) Doing business and operating projects in an environmentally sustainable manner;

4) Work with and assist in the progress of host communities.

Eagle’s Height is dedicated and warrants that all Corporate Social Responsibility issues are reviewed and supported by all layers of our governance, management and operations structure, consistent with the vested and best interests of all stakeholders, our host communities, and our society at large.

This Eagle’s Height CSR Policy applies to all activities undertaken by or on behalf of Eagle’s height, our partners, affiliates and subsidiaries.

All personnel, contractors, consultants, suppliers and other stakeholders are encouraged to embrace the Corporate Social Responsibility policy subscribed to by the company, as described herein.