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Agri-RE Estates

Agriculture has managed to remain the mainstay of the survival of humans on this planet, notwithstanding the rise and collapse of civilizations; and in spite of cultural modernization, technological advancement, and collapse of national borders. For eternity, agriculture will continue, like real estate, to afford humans a means of survival in terms of food; while real estate will continue to avail humans shelter, be it for defense, living, luxury, commerce, ad infinitum.

Therefore, any forward thinking people will continue to invest in agriculture and its cousin, real estate, no matter the ‘changing’ times and activities, because there is nothing to replace the functions and benefits of these activities.

Looking at the survival potentials of Nigeria and Africa, we will observe that we have a lot of work to do. To ensure that current population can obtain decent and nutritious food for survival, continuous investments, of knowledge, research, development, finance, ideas, and every other valuable attribute, must be activated and sustained.

We at Eagle’s Height, having studied the dynamics of our national and continental environments, have resolved to invest our human capital and material resources into aiding the sustainable development of agriculture.

Everyone, not excepting the government, has come to the realization that the Nigerian and African farmers are not having a good time across their existence, even though they are the source of sustenance of our human lives. We hear and read of the humongous wastage which culminate at the end of ‘bumper’ harvest, every harvest seasons. The bumper harvest never gets to add to the quality of life of the farmers, nor do these phantom bumper harvest gets to the cities very few could afford the exorbitant prices of agriculture produces and food.

Eagle’s Height Agri-RE Farmers’ Estates project is one project that is going to bring succor to both the farmers and the population.

Our design of our Agri-RE Farmers’ Estates ensures wholistic approach that provides for the entire agricultural food chain, from the concept of the farmer to the table of that nutritious-starved child and his or her parents.

The Agri-RE Farmers’ Estates will hosts the farmlands, farmer homes, input facility and experts, agricultural extension facility and professionals, agro-processing facilities and enterprise, marketing, sales, and delivery systems and enterprise, accounting, legal, administrative, and sundry wholesome business requirements, including functional medical and evacuation facility and professionals, school facility for the children, shopping facility, all segregated in a secured community of enterprising farm chain.

We are launching our first estate within the course of this year, 2020. The land for the first estate is being acquired. The framework and project plan are being worked out. We are in collaborative conversation with our partner-cooperative federations. We are working to actualize this project to the highest standard and reasonable cost, for sustainability.

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