Our Real Estate Development Framework

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Our Real Estate Development Framework

Our RE Development Goal
All said, financed, designed, built, marketed, and done, OUR PRIMARY GOAL IS TO MAKE YOU A LANDLORD with attendant peace of mind, increased wellbeing, wealth, comfort, and pride!

Our RE Development Principles
Our Property Development Strategic Framework incorporates the following key principles:

• Our development plans are driven from a serene, functional, and modern design basis, including efficiency of infrastructure, and an emphasis on building sustainable communities.

• Our estate developments promote the principle of catchment of walkways, providing the opportunity for neighborhood centers where children and families can live in harmony.

• Our estates are located in areas with prime access to national and state arterial road, proposed rail and airport infrastructure, affording our landlords and residents easy access to their destinations.

• We take due consideration for family life in the design of our estates, creating ample spaces for recreation, walkways, bikeways, and so on;

• Our designs take utility (electricity, security, ICTs, water, and waste) management into serious considerations;

• We ensure the maintenance and improvement of existing flora to provide fruits, shade and landscape relief for our esteemed landlords and residents.

• Above all, our estates and developments are and will continue to be designed with applicable laws, regulatory codes, and industry best/next practices in mind.

Real Estate Development Segments
Our Real Estate Development Segment are as follows:
1) Residential Development/Affordable Housing

2) Commercial & Hospitality Development

3) Industrial & Technological Development

4) Social Development (Schools, Hospitals etc.)

Residential & Affordable Housing
Affordable housing represents the largest segment of the housing market in Africa. Some households have payment capacity to access rental development which may include rent-to-own leasing mechanisms etc.

Eagle’s Height® is developing an effective system to identify opportunities and plan the design and delivery of affordable housing under diverse models of financing and repayments that is risk-mitigated which solves the problem of housing for the people.

We avail potential partner-landowners (through Joint Ventures), governments of local, state and federal (through PPP), Cooperatives, Corporate organizations, etc. offering values to bring about development of residential and mixed developments nationwide.

Commercial & Industrial RE
Estate hubs for industrial, technology and commercial structures to house offices, warehouses, factories etc. will be sought out for development.

Our country’s inadequate commercial structures are hindrances to rapid economic development.

Therefore, we will study viable opportunities, and provide developments and investments to increase our stock of commercial structures.