Real Estate Development Segments

— Luxury Estates & Green GRAs —

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Samples of our commercial real estates

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate will be an engine room for wealth creation for our investors, development partners, and the business community in the areas that we setup such economically vital real estate assets.

Our commercial real estate will be buildings and lands that are deployed to generate sustainable profitability, both from capital gain and rental income.

These commercial assets will include retail stores, office buildings, hotels, medical facilities, shopping malls, multifamily housing buildings, agricultural farming communities, farmlands, warehouses, and so on.

Our commercial assets will be established in both urban and peri urban locations to take advantage of concentration of users and the fanning out of development as may be designed by government city planners.

Our Commercial Real Estate assets will essentially be programmed into these segments:

1. Office Buildings – This segment includes single-tenancy, small office buildings, skyscrapers, and similar assets.

2. Retail Shopping Centers – This segment includes single tenancy retail buildings, neighborhood shopping centers, larger shopping centers.

3. Multifamily – This segment includes small, midsize and large apartment towers.

4. Land – This segment includes agricultural farmlands, undeveloped, raw, and rural land acquired to take advantage of future development, and so on.