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— Industrial Hubs —

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Industrial Hubs

Industry Hubs are mini city which specializes in hosting a large number and variety of manufacturers, vendors and/or suppliers.

Our Industry Hubs will host vendors, manufacturers and/or suppliers who will specialize in the design, manufacture, warehouse, and export or market specific types of products to local markets.

Our industrial hubs will make manifest the needs and aspirations of industry leaders, technology analysts, and economic development professionals to have dedicated areas for technology-driven manufacturing, agro-processing, and so on in other to deal with the emerging employment and other economic challenges that a huge country and population of Nigeria is having, and will have more of in the coming decades.

Our hubs will belong to a network of global and regional innovative manufacturing centers, offering investors, manufacturers, ago-processors, governments, the employment market, and sundry social and economic players the opportunities to become competitive in the production and marketing of made-in-Nigeria goods and services.

Our Hubs will be formed into clusters across the country, offering specialization, mass utility of vital resources, combined power of aggregated economic, finance, and technological intellect and resources all aimed for the success of the businesses we host.

We will partner, collaborate and work with industry players across the academia, regulators, economic associations, professional bodies, manufacturers, financiers, investors, technology experts, and others to inculcate the virtue, practice and development of innovation and technology to drive economic development.