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— Luxury Estates Green GRAs —

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Luxury Estates & Green GRAs

Our New Green GRAs and Luxury Estates will be laid out and planned in a professional manner befitting a world-class eco-healthy estate environment.

Planning and layout will take into consideration factors such as water level and direction, wind direction, soil condition, vegetation and other ecosystemic factors to achieve the desired goal of a world class estate.

The new developments will be planned to occupy a minimum of 50 hectares of land, equivalent to about 123.5 Acres and slightly over 740 standard plots.

We estimate 500 standard plots or 67.5% of total land mass for housing components of the any of the project, while the balance 240 or 32% of total land mass is planned for infrastructure and amenities.

The proposed green and luxury estates is to be planned in such a way that all safety, security and harmony of human, culture and the ecosystem are considered to ensure sustainability.

These model estates will host standard functional parks/gardens/green zones and vegetation cover. Assurance of standard roads, drains, water, waste disposal infrastructure are provided to ensure residents live in a conducive environment.

The design concepts of the green and luxury estates and the houses will be centered around the following:

Functionality of structure – the houses and apartments will be designed to provide owner-occupiers with desired expectations of a home.

Cultural Sensitivity –adequate consideration will be taken to imbibe cultural elements in the estate and houses design for easy buy-in by stakeholders, including technological modernization.

Diversity of Design options – each zone of the green estates will have different ‘theme’ and the houses will also have some elegant diversity.

Samples of our proposed green estates housing.