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The normal course of the process for a prospective estate developer when the decision to develop is taken is to consult the expert serves of an estate planner, town planner, or a surveyor, with a view to develop the plan of the estate, or even building. The use of experts in the development of any infrastructure or structure is not only a legal and regulatory injunction, but it makes a good sense to do so.

However, and if you have tried to get an architect or planner to avail you a design for a house or an estate, you must have experienced the difficulties attendant to the acceptance of a ‘final’ design. The architect knows this problem so well. After the 20th alterations or redesigns, the client finally accepts one as final. The accepted one may be, wait for it, the first or third or twentieth design.

The question to the prospective developer is “Why go through the trying process of getting a plan designed?”

We need not ask the professionals, in the architect, planner, or surveyor, for it is their jobs to successfully conclude all cycles of a contract.

The major, if not the only, stumbling block to instant understanding and agreement between the owner and the professional is an inability to speak the language of one or the other.

The owner speaks a different language; the language consisting of words, genticulations, facial expressions, dress mode, characteristics of property, and so on. Whereas, the architech etc., hears the words of the language of the owner, but never apprehend or understand the others which comprised of the real meanings and desires of the owners.

We know the professional is trained in a particular language; the art or science of the profession. And this, even though is attempted to be decoded in normal language, all too often discord is the outcome.

So, Eagle’s Height studied this phenomenon, and developed the Real Estate Concept Development service to assist the Owner assemble his or her thoughts, desires, needs, wants, and sundry factors. We then document these desires etc., into a graphical document (akin to system analysis used to program software, of which the software engineer is at a loss without) for discussion with and the instruction of the architect or planner.

Sounds good?

Well, a dual benefits of our estate concept development services are 1) relief owners of the traumas of dealing with experts who only understand the language of their discipline; 2) get the best of the expert because he or she understands your intention and needs as documented, among others.

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