Our Real Estate Services

— Our Real Estate Projects Investment and Financing Intermediation Services —

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Our Real Estate Projects Investment and Financing Intermediation Services offer the following services and benefits to our clients.

Mortgage Intermediation Services

With our Mortgage Intermediation Service, we assist our clients to:
1) cover or recover the cost of a home,
2) secure finance to acquire a new home, and
3) free up cash-flow locked in the fixed asset that is your home or other property for investment.

Property Valuation
Our Property Appraisal service which covers multi-story residential apartment building; multi-occupant office building; and vacant plots of Land proposed for development is designed to enable our clients know and have documented facts and figures about the value of their real estate assets, to obtain credit, mortgage, or for estate planning.

RE Investment Appraisal
With our Real Estate Investment Appraisal service, we assist our clients to appraise and assess the viability of projects proposed to them for funding, or assess and appraise their own project so that the investment or project meets the quality and risks standards of discerning investors.

RE Investment Services
Our Real Estate Investment services will avail our clients to understand the dynamics of sourcing investments for their projects. We know that finance is usually not the major hindrance to rapid and qualitative real estate properties development in Nigeria.

The major stumbling block to Africa’s development is lack of scale of projects to access huge volume of low-interest money available in the global finance market. We assist to make our clients’ projects investment-worthy so as to close needed investments for their projects.


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