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Mortgage Intermediation Services

Since you probably don’t have millions of Naira sitting on your laps or in your bank account, and you have decided that having a home or other property is a sensible thing to do, or you wish to free-up cash trapped in your current property, a mortgage is your preferred solution.

There are complexities, to the general public who are non-real estate professionals, with the mortgage transactions in the country. What must you have to secure a mortgage from a public or private lender? What are the ways and means of ensuring that you qualify?

Eagle’s Height’s Mortgage Intermediation Services can help you access cost-friendly mortgage to either build a fresh home, buy a home, renovate existing home, free-up trapped cash in your home, or engage in large real estate development. Talk to us today.

Our mortgage intermediary experts assist you to brokers all your mortgage needs, be you a family, an individual, or a corporate.

As the markets for mortgages must, perforce, expand in Nigeria as a result of the declining of stock of decent housing for the ever-growing population of the country, the needs for our expert services cannot be overemphasized.

Our mortgage intermediary experts were trained and mentored to provide a funding solution to your mortgage needs, using the instruments of the Federal Mortgage Bank, Primary Mortgage Institutions, Real Estate-inclined Commercial Bank or a private lender that will be willing to make a specific loan for the acquisition, construction, renovation, freeing of cash-flow on existing assets, etc.

Functions of our mortgage intermediary experts include the following:

• National Mortgage Banking Institution: intermediate and facilitate the process between the individual, and business with the national mortgage lender

• Retail mortgage banking: dealing directly with the client-applicant and source for willing and able retail mortgage bank that will write the loan on terms amenable to the economics of our clients.

• Education: provide offline and online platforms where clients and interested general public may access valuable information on how to access mortgage.

• Private Lending: providing wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals and families with regards the financing of viable mortgages.

Our mortgage intermediation experts serve further as follows:

• Assess borrower’s financial and real estate circumstances using mortgage data forms and oral interview; the assessment may include credit history of client, and affordability through the verification of appropriate documents.

• Assess the market to source for a mortgage product that fits the client’s needs by the making of mortgage proposal, presentation and recommendations.

• Apply to the most viable lender, obtaining pre-approval agreement which details terms and conditions of the mortgage.

• Gather all required documents demanded by the terms of the mortgage agreement, and doing a standard quality verification on them to ensure they are valid, and appropriate.

• Complete the lender application form with the Client, using the gathered information on the documents submitted by the client.

• Gather, and explain appropriate legal disclosures as demanded by the terms of the mortgage to the Client.

• Submit all material to the lender while upholding their duty by saving their clients as much money as possible by offering best advice for the client’s circumstances.

Use the economic art of Mortgage to achieve the following:

1) cover or recover the cost of a home,

2) secure finance to acquire a new home, and

3) free up cash-flow locked in the fixed asset that is your home or other property for investment.




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