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Real Estate Investment Appraisal Services

Why should an investor invest in your project? Why should you, as an investor risk your investment in any project? The answers to these are what our Investment Appraisal service unravel to your understanding.

Due to a lack of due process in assessing and appraising investments, billions of Naira of hard-earned money have been lost to poor projects which appear viable.

Let us assist you appraise and assess the viability of projects proposed to you for funding, or assess and appraise your project so that it meets the quality standards of discerning investors.

As there are risks factors that hid underneath a project’s proposal – remember, investment proposals are honey-sweetened marketing document, an individual may find it difficult to see the risks and other factors embedded in the attractive graphical presentation.

With multi-disciplinary tools of payback period; accounting rate of return; net present value; internal rate of return; profitability index; discounted payback period; terminal value; and sustainable analyses methods, we deliver an in-depth report that present all factors in their true color, enabling you to make the best decision, in your own vested interest.