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Global RE Property Marketing Services

  • Residential Real Estate

  • Seasonal Holiday or Family Accommodations

  • Rental Homes

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Manufacturing Space in FTZs
  • Shared Accommodations

  • REIT-Share Accommodations

  • Buy properties anywhere

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Our Real Estate Marketing Services are availed to our clients, within and outside Nigeria. We market residential, commercial, industrial properties on behalf of our clients. Our expanding group of esteemed investors, customers potential buyers form our marketing community.

We have partnered with several Nigerian and international world-class real estate developers to market their properties, among whom is Tiger Properties, UAE. In addition, we have initiated and concluded several high-valued, high-quality deals.

Our next courses include furthering our reach into the Nigerian and select global real estate market.

Within the course of the year, Eagle’s Height will be launching its marketing website with which to further advance our reach into the Nigerian and select global market of both clients and potential buyers. We intend to turn our website into an effective sales lead generating and branding platform.

Our website will have listing and graphical description of properties, comprehensive information about the location and neighborhood of the properties, free educative and valuable real estate resources, an intriguing real estate newsletter with which to intimate our community of customers and potential buyers with details of our transactions etc., and the website will be mobile-friendly with the easiest and sweetest navigation.

We will be reviewing and expanding our social media strategies and action plans for real deal real estate marketing. Our social media presence will deliver contents to our community and the world, offering them links to our website where transactions may be initiated, and closed.

In due course, we will be making our presence felt on the traditional media space, using magazines, newspapers, television, and the radio, for real deal real estate marketing.

With our well-trained, knowledgeable, highly skilled, dedicated, trusted, and dynamic real estate marketing specialists, we assure you of the disposal of properties delivered to our care.